An article by the English advanced course

If two cultures meet there are always funny differences. The same happened when Jonathan, Uri, Amit, Juval, Gaja and Manor met the English advanced course. When the door opened, we experienced a wall of loudness hitting us. Then we saw the way confident 16 years old israelis exchange students coming in.

The first minutes were filled with loud voices chatting with each other. Later we settled down to talk and to exchange experience.

A big surprise we had is that their high-school had no books and boards - they only have laptops.

The next thing they told us was that German sounds very angry. We just had a laugh about it because for us the sound of their language sounded like a crossing of Amy Whinehouse and Lee Marvin.

After a few minutes small talk they taught us some words and a funny game called Qua- Qua. You start with singing a funny song and right after that you start counting from 1- 10. While doing this everyone is holding hand with the person right next to them. When you reach the number 10 you have to catch the hand of your neighbor. If you are too slowly you are out of the game. The others play this game a few times until there are only two persons left for the final battle. It was a very good way of passing the time but unfortunately the bell was ringing and we had to say goodbye.

"Habe Mut, dich deines eigenen Verstandes zu bedienen."  I. Kant

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